Hello everyone!Β I am so excited because this is my first ever blog post!Β 

I will be sharing my March Music Playlist today because I am sure everyone loves good music. And, I thought it will be a good idea to share a piece of my happiness with all of you!

Honestly, stepping into the world of blogging was something I didn’t expect myself to get into. Why?

Well, because my English is not that good.

Nonetheless, I still decided to give it a try and challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone. I mean, you will never know how it goes until you try it, right?

But before we get started, I would like to introduce myself just a little bit:

Hello! My name is Yue Xuan!

Meet Yue Xuan!

It’s really nice to meet you! I am a 17 year old (I’m turning 18 this year!) Singaporean blogger behind this blog called LOVE & CRUMB.

I talk about mainly travel and personal growth (lifestyle) contents. My purpose is to inspire, motivate and just help you guys in any way possible through my experiences in life!

Okay! Now let’s continue on with where we left off.



These songs were ones which I saved into my playlist barely 10 seconds into the songs because they are just. SO. GOOD.

I just love songs which are catchy and “loud” but yet not too overpowering to listen for a long period of time.

Also, the lyrics of the songs are just as meaningful which I feel is what makes the song even better!

In my playlist, you can find top hits from some of the most well-known artists across the world. Ranging from pop and rap to the softer acoustic songs, there will definitely be a song which will get your attention, just like how it did to me!

Scroll down further to see my March playlist! Alternatively, you can also listen to my playlist below or on Spotify:

I hope you guys enjoy my March playlist and I’ll come back with another playlist every month from now onward!

If you liked reading this post, please help me share it. Pretty please?Β Psst.. I will be forever grateful!

Enjoy your day guys!

Big Hugs,

Yue Xuan


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