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Happy Tuesday everyone! 😘

We shall say goodbye to Monday blues now 🧐 Today, I want to share with all of you one of my first pen works! As some of you might already know, I loved art from a very, VERY, young age. 😍

Oh, and, have you already got your playlist this month figured out? If not, you can head over to my April Playlist 2018 for some inspiration! 😇

This mandala was inspired by the deathly hallows (harry potter influence here!). This is definitely not an original artwork I created myself, whereas one which I found on Pinterest one fine day.

And the minute I saw that gorgeous mandala, I saved it right away and told myself: “I need to recreate this on my black sketchbook!”. 

And I did. So here you go guys! This is what the final outcome looks like:

Drawing mandalas are one of my favorite forms of art! And this pen work happened to be one of my favorites currently. ☺️

So, here it is! The Deathly Hallows, my very first mandala artwork:

I’m obsessed with this uni-ball Signo White UM-120AC* pen (the one shown above!) which I used for all my black paper works! It is a gel pen and it’s ink flows so nicely on the paper without any breakages in between. Also, the white color is really opaque on the black paper which makes it even greater! Definitely one of my most favorite pens for my artworks!

The original artwork I used for reference is below:

So, if you would like to get one of my favorite uni-ball Signo White UM-120AC pen, you can click the link here*!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post! 😁 Let me know in the comments whether you would want to see more of my artworks and have a great week ahead! 😇💕

Big Hugs,

Yue Xuan

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    1. Yue Xuan says:

      thankyou so much! yours is really beautiful too ❤

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