If you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have uploaded a post. I was in a phase of my life where I just could not figure out what exactly I am trying to show through my blog – I could not find my purpose.

However, I took time to really reflect and although I am still not 100% sure what I want to achieve from this blog, I figure it will be better for me to get back into writing what I want to write and will inspire you guys. And from there, allow my purpose to uncover by itself.

Alright, I am done with my explanation, now on to the actual post!

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Having been suffering from anxiety, I struggled to love myself, the people and the things around me.

It is a daily struggle. Some days, I feel so loved and blessed. Everything just seems so perfect and there is no such thing as stress or negativity in my life. I love myself. And some days, I feel horrible. I get suicidal, depressed and anxious. The voice in my inner dialogues talks to me louder than anyone else. Nothing can pull me out of it.

If you are suffering from this as well, know that it is okay. And I understand and know fully how you feel.


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Whatever it may be, loving yourself and important and is never a bad thing. You should not feel that you are undeserving of it, and you should also not force it. Take time, do it slowly, and you will eventually get what you want.



  1. “I accept all parts of my physical and spiritual self. I am worthy of love and respect.”
  2. “I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.”
  3. “I live in abundance. I have a lot of energy to realize what I want. I have enough.”
  4. “I think big and then allow myself to accept even more food from life.”
  5. “I am the only one who can determine my self-worth and I am worthy of my dreams.”
  6. “I am physically, mentally and emotionally ready to enter a new phase in my life. I am ready to grow and get better.”
  7. “I am a healer, of my own life and of others.”
  8. “My cells, hormones, bones, and body are in perfect balance.”
  9. “My thoughts are kind to me because I deserve peace.”
  10. “I will continue to change and grow from a place of self-acceptance.”
  11. “This week is going to be filled with miracles, breakthroughs, good news, abundance, and love.”
  12. “I believe in the person I dream of becoming.”
  13. “I am now creating my life exactly as I want it and it is most beneficial.”
  14. “My day always begins and ends with gratitude.”
  15. “The more gratitude I feel, the more I am aware that the supply is endless.”
  16. “I know who I am and I know my value.”
  17. “I am a magnet of prosperity, wealth and good vibrations.”
  18. “I am open to receiving all the blessings of this abundant universe.”
  19. “I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its contents.”
  20. “My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless. My potential to succeed is infinite.”
  21. “I am blessed with wonderful family and friends.”
  22. “I am fit, healthy and full of self-confidence. My outer self is matched by my inner well-being.”
  23. “I practice patience and understanding with others and myself.”
  24. “My forgiveness is incomplete if it does not include myself.”
  25. “I release the words “should” and “could”. I see my mistakes as they are: lessons. I am learning and I am growing. Regret has no place on this day.”
  26. “I am surrounded by people who encourage and support my healthy choices.”
  27. “I am full of energy and enthusiasm. Confidence is my second nature.”
  28. “Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful.”
  29. “By allowing myself to be happy, I inspire others to be happy too.”
  30. “I find joy and pleasure in the simplest things in life.”

That is it!

Always remember, learning to love yourself is so important. I hope this helps you if you are trying to be more positive and love yourself a little more!

If you love yourself, love will come to you naturally. Keep going girls, you got this.

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Which affirmation stood out to you the most and why? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear them!

Big Hugs,

Yue Xuan

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Shakira says:

    Aww I love this. Thanks for the affirmations.


  2. Cierra says:

    We all need a little pick-me-up every now and then. Thanks for the info 😊


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